The Boys On the Red Bike

November 6th, 2017Posted by Tony

I’ll cut right to the chase: I was sad. In January 2007, my big brother died, the person with whom I had shared so much. Before he passed, I wrote to Peter about a dream I had — I think the imagery had come from something I’d read. In the dream we were still little […]

Why The Divide: a Documentary Film

April 29th, 2015Posted by Tony

I’ve been researching work on a documentary film I hope to produce: Why The Divide. We will look at the science behind why some people become conservative while others become liberal. If you have any thoughts or points you think should be covered, please let me know. For more information about Why The Divide go […]

Must See Bad TV: World Series Wilde Moment

October 31st, 2014Posted by Tony

So a major corporation decides to “raise its profile” by giving a sports award to an athlete on live, national television. You would think they’d give the presenter adequate training to protect their image and brand. Apparently, Chevrolet didn’t think it was worth the time and money. There’s the old saying, “Any publicity is good […]

What story will you tell?

July 25th, 2014Posted by Tony

In the age of connectedness the question for business leaders, entrepreneurs and even freelancers is this: What story will you tell to get people talking? You can tell a story of success; of someone coming to realize the essential “tipping point” that made them successful. You can use or not use metaphors and analogies or […]

Bullet Points: Don’t Go There!

June 24th, 2014Posted by Tony

Once again, the marketing genius, Set Godin, has hit bullet points on the head with a hammer. The link to his post is below and I’ve copied it here: Most presentations aren’t bullet proof * Bullets do not save time. Memos save time. Presentations aren’t about the most concise exposition of facts, they are about […]

Lesson Learned

June 23rd, 2014Posted by Tony

I often coach people that we need to tell stories to make a point rather than creating an endless and forgettable list of Bullet Points. Storytelling is what we’re “wired” to remember. So that I might be someone who practices what he preaches, I joined an on-line group that teaches storytelling. The following essay is my response to their assignment: Write about a moment in your life when you learned an important lesson.

My brush with Don Zimmer’s greatness

June 5th, 2014Posted by Tony

It’s my hope to start using my blog to post more stories — some of them personal — that relate to communications. On the news of the passing of one of the most beloved people in baseball, Don Zimmer, here’s a story of my brush with what made him a great and memorable person. In […]

Media Urban Myth Debunked

April 21st, 2014Posted by Tony

Remember the woman who was burned by McDonald’s coffee and then sued and won? Nearly 20 years ago and the myth lives on; a good example of why media training and specific goals are needed to control messages before the media takes erroneous reports and makes them legend. If you watch for about a minute […]

GM Chief To Address Congress. Trained? You Bet!

April 1st, 2014Posted by Tony

Early today, NPR reporters were skeptical about how well Mary Barra, the “new” GM CEO, would fare in speaking before Congress. Stories posted later by NPR make me think that she approached this critical appearance with much more than a little training and foresight (as you’ll see in the story below). One more interesting point: […]

via NPR: Obama Showed A Deft Hand With Speech

January 29th, 2014Posted by Tony

Whether you like the President’s policies or not, his approach on last night’s State of The Union was interesting. He took a very positive approach and showed leadership while side-stepping some issues. Overall, he was impressive; not unlike the card player that NPR used for as an analogy. Obama Showed A Deft Hand With Speech. […]