Dennis Maneri is one of those fortunate people who operates in the field he was made for. He is a Communications Facilitator; his work is more than what he does, it’s who he is.

Dennis will help you and your organization utilize media to clearly communicate — internally and/or externally — so your audience fully grasps your message; everything from brand to services and company position.


“The performance you got out of our executive was amazing! What are you, the ‘Talent Whisperer’?”
-Brianne Quinn, New York Life, Studio 51

“I love working with Dennis because he always brings out the best in people.”
-Donna West, Lucent Technologies

“Thank you so much for producing and directing the 2013 Feldman Forum, which has been called by many the ‘Best Feldman ever’. You are a joy to work with and it’s a privilege to have our programming in your very capable hands. Success!!”
-Heather Davis, Corporate VP, New York Life

“When Dennis asked me to shoot his friend’s film, I was honored and touched. I said of course. It was a wonderful, rewarding experience.”
– Alik Sakharov DP, “The Sopranos” & “Game of Thrones”

“I’m always glad when you’re directing one of these events because you’re able to manage the speakers and keep them on point.”
-Wick Simmons, CEO Prudential Securities

“When you’re directing the CEO’s show, I always sleep better the night before because I know we’ll get a really good show without any drama.”
-John McGuniness, VP Communications, New York Life

“The broadcast you produced and directed is the biggest thing Avaya has ever done. Your professionalism and positive attitude always shined through. I look forward to working with you on other big projects going forward.”
-Suzanne Planner, Avaya Communications

“Dennis is the quintessential go-to guy for our videos, broadcasts and live events because I feel confident that he can work with any executive, senior officer, business partner or crew person and bring out the best in them. We trust him to get the job done, which he always does, and his ability to maintain a cool head in a high stress situation makes my job easier.”
-Lynn Colyer, Prudential Financial, Inc.

Whether you’re anticipating an important presentation, a live event or a crisis communication, Dennis will evaluate the situation and skills of the messenger(s), then pull together the right members of his extraordinary team to help you focus and define your message. To learn more about the people Dennis calls on, and the vast experience they bring to the table, click on “The Group” to see individual profiles and the services each provides.


  • AlliedSignal
  • American Can
  • American Express
  • AXA Equitable
  • Beecham Pharmaceuticals
  • Caesars Atlantic City
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • Foster Wheeler
  • Honeywell International
  • IBM
  • IBM Field Television Network
  • JC Penney Corporate
  • Merck & Compnay
  • National Hospice Organization
  • New York Life
  • Prudential (All Companies)
  • Siemens Medical Systems
  • Sony USA

Well-planned communications means that you and your company can manage — and even determine — your company’s reputation.