Media Coaching Services


  • Individual & Group Training, includes video recording

With The Gotham Group’s tactical On-Camera training, you’ll have the opportunity to determine which video recording style works best for your personality and message. We’ll provide hands-on training to help you develop your strongest (and weakest) On-Camera skills so you’ll be ready for any type of media appearance.

Among many skills, you’ll learn:

  • The “Do’s And Don’t’s” of On-Camera
  • What questions to ask your production company
  • How to make your points in formal, informal and adversarial settings
  • How to work with On-Screen & Off-Screen Prompters and Monitors

Training includes video recording with and without TelePrompter.


  • Individual training & group seminars, includes videotaping

Every business executive needs to be able to deliver a presentation so their audience will listen, understand and remember. During our Individual Training and Seminars, executives will learn invaluable tips for improving their presentations, including:

  • Making a great first impression
  • How to keep your audience interested
  • How to organize and plan a presentation without using PowerPoint as a “crutch”
  • How and when to change the pace of your delivery
  • How and when to use effective visuals to engage your audience
  • How to customize a presentation for any audience (small, large, internal, external, global, technical, remote, etc.)
  • How to edit your language to meet the needs of the audience
  • The value of rehearsing and knowing/testing the environment
  • Preparing for Q & A
  • Dealing with nervous energy and high anxiety

Video recording and personalized feedback is included for each participant. (Additional support materials available).


  • Individual Training, Group Seminars — includes video recording — and Consulting

The time to train and prepare for a Crisis is BEFORE one happens. The Gotham Group’s Crisis Training, Consulting and Seminars are led by one of the best in the business, Judith Hoffman.

Among the strategies you’ll develop are:

  • Defining a Crisis and the various categories of a Crisis
  • The value of a Crisis Communications Plan and how to implement one
  • Identifying a Spokesperson
  • Assembling a Crisis Management Team (CMT)
  • Understanding Journalists’ priorities
  • Why “No comment” is a No-No
  • How to lower your company’s profile
  • Avoiding reporters’ tricks and traps
  • Preparing for Q & A with reporters

Video recording and personalized feedback is included for each participant. (Additional support materials available).

    • Speech Coaching (individual & group)
    • Delivering a high impact speech is a skill that every leader needs. We provide one-on-one coaching for executives and managers who want to leave a lasting impression. The Gotham Group will help you craft your message and deliver a memorable communication. Leaders will be videotaped and receive immediate (and sometimes uncomfortable) feedback.

    • Executive Coaching (individual, includes assessments)
    • Executive Coaching Process
      • Step 1: Get to know each other (usually in person)
      • Step 2: Client takes assessment
      • Step 3: Set expectations & determine action plans
      • Step 4: Schedule monthly coaching sessions via phone/internet

    • Improving Interpersonal Effectiveness Seminar
    • It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are or how many degrees you possess, if you can’t effectively communicate your ideas to others who cares?! During this program, participants will learn:

      • How to start a conversation with anyone, anywhere, at any time
      • How to influence others
      • Networking strategies for personal & professional effectiveness
      • How to engage every audience (one-on-one, small group and formal presentations)