Why The Divide:

While The Gotham Group has a big industrial project coming up producing and directing a live show for New York Life (plus a new opening video for the show), we are also preparing elements for a documentary film on the science behind our political differences, Why The Divide?. Check out the Trailer here:


New York Life Veterans

Here’s an example of recent work: A video tribute and historical overview of New York Life’s support for its veterans from the company’s inception in 1845 to the present. We wrote, produced and directed the video which is now on display in the company’s museum which can be found in the lobby of New York Life’s Headquarter: 51 Madison Avenue, New York City.


Turning Challenges Into Opportunities




With professional coaching from The Gotham Group you’ll be taking an important step to improve your career — and that of others — as you learn to educate, entertain and yes, motivate your audience.

Communications Facilitator Dennis Maneri has Produced and Directed hundreds of shows for Fortune 500 companies. Some of the top executives in the country have turned to him for “tips” and advice. To help meet those needs, Dennis created The Gotham Group’s Executive Media Coaching Services.

We have a simple process for working together starting with a free analysis of any current on-camera appearances, followed by a discussion of goals and a face-to-face meeting to insure synergy before we begin training.

Following our analysis and assessment, we’ll create a program where you’ll learn:
  • How to recognize and execute the appropriate tactics for a given situation so you or any of your trained executives will deliver a consistent, on-target message.
  • How to deliver a high-impact message in a presentation or interview.
  • How to create a personal style.
Depending on your specific needs:
  • How to capitalize on sit-down interviews.
  • How to deliver great TelePrompter speeches.
  • How to develop answers for adversarial media; including unplanned interviews.
  • Wick Simmons CEO Nasdaq
  • Sy Sternberg CEO New York Life
  • Ray Gillmartin CEO Merck & Company
  • Pat Ruso CEO Lucent Technologies
  • Michael Dell CEO Dell Computers
  • Lawrence A. Bossidy Chairman, Honeywell
  • Kip Condron CEO AXA Financial
  • John Chambers CEO, Cisco Systems
  • Gary Daido CEO, Casio USA
  • Don Peterson CEO Avaya Communications
  • Carly Fiorina CEO Hewlett-Packard
  • Art Ryan CEO Prudential Financial